Coin Laundry Association President and CEO Brian Wallace recently joined Helen Osborne, the host of Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast, to discuss the work of the LaundryCares Foundation in promoting early childhood literacy through laundromats. LaundryCares has been key in bringing together laundry owners, manufacturers and other industry professionals to look beyond just the essential role of laundering – and to also provide spaces to enhance literacy and play opportunities for children and their families.

In this podcast, Wallace, who serves as LaundryCares’ executive director, discusses the Laundry Literacy Coalition – a partnership between LaundryCares and the Clinton Foundation initiative, Too Small to Fail – and its empowering role in creating relationships between neighborhood laundromats and the communities they serve. LaundryCares’ Family Read, Play and Learn centers are currently being installed across the country to help transform laundromats into essential spaces for educational play and childhood literacy activities. Wallace also points to the work the foundation does to serve laundromat customers beyond basic washing and drying – sharing examples of how laundry owners have been working closely with local health agencies for the benefit of their local patrons. All of this and more is featured in the podcast below.

The Health Literacy Out Loud Podcast is hosted by Helen Osborne, a speaker, writer and consultant on health literacy.

Healthy Literacy Out Loud Podcast

Learn more about the LaundryCares Foundation Family Read, Play & Learn Kits

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