At Coinless Laundromat in Detroit, owner Omar Laurencin graciously offered the use of his company’s facilities for a LaundryCares Free Laundry Day on November 1, 2017. This spectacular event was organized and executed through the concerted efforts of several organizations including:

Some laundry distributors and manufacturers also helped by virtue of their generosity by donating some of the resources used at this event. Vend-Rite donated the laundry detergent. Spector Textiles provided free laundry bags to those being served. Also, several staff members from Hamilton Engineering were on site donating their time as volunteer workers.

Nearly a hundred families were able to wash and dry their clothes and linens at no charge throughout most of the day. In addition to the complimentary use of Mr. Laurencin’s washers and dryers, guests were also provided with soap and other laundry products. Thousands of pounds of laundry were done over the course of several hours, and the participants and volunteers were grateful for the opportunity.

Libraries Without Borders created this video below capturing some of the voices of the people who were served at this event. Click on the video to view it.

Not Just Laundry – Literacy

“A lot of people don’t know that Detroit has a really bad literacy problem,” stated Detroit Public Library’s Quimisha Goss. She believes that a laundromat is the perfect opportunity to present the solution because kids normally must be at the laundromat with their respective families – a place where they can engage in learning when presented with the tools to do so.

Not only were patrons able to receive free laundry services, but the families on location were also provided free literacy and learning resources within the laundromat. As part of LaundryCares’ mission, and as part of a joint program with Too Small To Fail called “Wash Time Is Talk Time”, children were provided many books care of all of the associated organizations.

Cindy Eggleton, a spokesperson from Brilliant Detroit, stated that this kind of event meets people where they are. By reaching an audience who is eager to read by meeting them where they have the time and providing them with literacy resources, success in attaining learning goals is amplified.

Omar Laurencin offers a “Wash & Learn” station as a permanent installation at his laundry complete with books, a showcase wall where young learners can display their work, and several computer stations. “Wash & Learn” is the flagship laundromat program of Libraries Without Borders.

Your Help is Needed

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