On Monday, October 7, 2019, the LaundryCares Foundation will host a Free Laundry Day event at DD Wash-N-Dry laundromat in Dallas, TX from 10 AM – 2 PM.  The location of this event is 18110 Midway Rd Suite # 140, Dallas, TX 75287.

In addition to free laundry services and detergent, this Free Laundry Day will include free food and fun activities for children and adults to enjoy. It’s expected that laundry owners, distributors, and manufacturer employees and local community members will be present to volunteer their help to operate this event.

A new Family Read, Play & Learn Space will be installed within this laundromat. These literacy spaces provide books plus a comfortable and engaging setting designed to foster opportunities for children to read and learn while their families’ clothes and linens are laundered. Similar learning spaces have been launched in laundromats across the nation through the Laundry Literacy Coalition – a partnership of Too Small to Fail and the LaundryCares Foundation.

Millions of families in underserved communities visit laundromats each week to fulfill the basic need of having clean clothes. For many of these families, fulfilling this basic need can often be a challenge.  With that in mind, DD Wash-N-Dry and the LaundryCares Foundation are excited and honored to offer a day of free laundry services for people in the neighborhood. Guests can bring an unlimited amount of laundry to the event and will receive free laundry products to help clean their clothes.  

While the guests do their laundry, children will be safely entertained with several supervised enrichment activities including reading, storytelling, and more. Free children’s books will be distributed to the families present at the event.

“This is an amazing opportunity for this laundromat and the Dallas community to experience the excitement and goodwill of a Free Laundry Day plus the transformational potential of our Family Read, Play & Learn Space.” – Dan Naumann, Executive VP, LaundryCares Foundation

Register as a Volunteer

The LaundryCares Foundation is looking for kindhearted people to help make this event successful. Volunteering to serve others is not only a rewarding experience for yourself, but it serves to foster strong communities, which is a chief component to our organization’s mission. By giving some of your time and energy, you are helping others experience the many benefits offered at laundromats across the country.

We can always use more help, and your talents are in demand. Just some of the responsibilities of our volunteers include:

  • Fundraising
  • Event Management
  • Getting the Word Out / Expanding Our Reach
  • Working at an Event

To volunteer, please click the link below:

Volunteer for This Event

Can’t Make It, But Still Want to Help?

If you can’t make it to this event but you would still like to support our efforts, please consider making a donation to the LaundryCares Foundation by clicking the link below.

Click to Make a Donation

Thank You Sponsors

LaundryCares would like the thank the following organizations for their generous sponsorship for this event and for our foundation.

Free Laundry Day Sponsors

DD Wash-N-Dry
Atlas International Laundry Equipment Co.
Pierce Commercial Laundry Equipment
Vend Rite 
Spector Textile Products
R&B Wire Products, inc.

2019 Signature Sponsors

Continental Girbau
Dexter Laundry
Maytag Commercial
Alliance Laundry Systems
Eastern Funding

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