On October 7, 2019, DD Wash-N-Dry hosted a LaundryCares Free Laundry Day at their location: 18110 Midway Rd Suite # 140, Dallas, TX 75287.


Watch the short video below for some of the highlights of the event:

Free Laundry for All Attendees

The LaundryCares Foundation helps laundry owners across the nation to host Free Laundry Days, celebrations for the community which include free access to laundry services and detergent, free food and beverages, and activities for children and adults to enjoy. This event was no exception. There were more than 150 guests with 88 registered families served with access to washers and dryers and soap. Guests are always allowed to bring an unlimited amount of laundry, and all receive free laundry products to help clean their clothes.

42 volunteers from the local community and from nationwide support from the laundry-professional community and Too Small to Fail helped those in attendance to wash and dry 12,000 lbs of laundry. The LaundryCares Foundation would like to thank the owners of DD Wash-N-Dry, Douglas and Dalia Hay, plus the many volunteers who helped to make this a successful event.

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New Reading Space Now Open

Another important part of the LaundryCares Foundation’s mission is to provide educational resources to communities using the local laundromat as a conduit for learning. A new Family Read, Play & Learn Space was installed at DD Wash-N-Dry. These literacy spaces provide books plus a comfortable and engaging setting designed to foster opportunities for children to read and learn while their families’ clothes and linens are laundered. Similar learning spaces have been launched in laundromats across the nation through the Laundry Literacy Coalition – a partnership of Too Small to Fail and the LaundryCares Foundation.

At this event, more than 100 books were distributed to the children of the families who participated.

Click the following link to learn more about adding Family Read, Play & Learn kits to your business:



LaundryCares would like the thank the following organizations for their generous sponsorship for this event and for our foundation.

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