Tom Rhodes, the owner of several laundromats in Florida, hosted a successful Free Laundry Day event. His event entitled “Loads of Love” helped the members of the community in Ft. Pierce attain free laundry services with no strings attached while providing a fun and engaging time for the children in attendance.

The event took place at Sunshine Laundry Center at 2504 S. US 1 in Ft. Pierce, Fla. This 3,500 sq.ft. facility was full of happy event-goers, and every washer and dryer was in use. One hundred five families were served over the course of the day, and three shifts of 8-10 volunteers ensured that the operation was executed effectively. In the end, an estimated $3000 worth of revenue was given back to the community in the way of free laundry services.

In addition to providing complimentary laundry, children were treated to a variety of activities. Because this event occurred in the fall before Halloween, kids were invited to decorate their own pumpkins at no cost. Crayons and markers with activity sheets were also provided for their enjoyment.

But, the real sizzle for the kids’ experience came from Tom’s “The Wash Zone” interactive pop-up activity center. A huge washing machine was erected in the Sunshine Laundry Center’s parking lot. This “coin-operated” washer (sturdily constructed of painted plywood and lumber) allowed children to drop an oversized quarter into a slot. Then THEY proceeded to be the “wash” – they entered a tunnel within the structure which had a mister offering relief from Florida’s heat. As an added effect, a bubble maker was added to the delight of all.


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Tom Rhodes’ free laundry day event illustrates that these events can be done anywhere at different scales. LaundryCares is always looking for facilities to host Free Laundry Days across the nation. Click the link below, and fill the form on that page to inquire about how to make your self-service laundry business a hosting location.

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