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Laundry owners across the nation, we urge you to join our growing list of laundries whose owners are making a positive impact in their communities. Members of the LaundryCares Network serve their neighborhoods by providing free laundry events for those in need, offering literacy resources for children and families, and community outreach efforts for disaster recovery.

Your enrollment in the LaundryCares Network includes:

  • a decal to show your support
  • a listing on our searchable map
  • inclusion on our newsletter mailing list

There is no cost to join, so just complete the form on this page, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

LaundryCares Network

How We’re Making a Difference

Members of the LaundryCares Network help to shape the culture of their neighborhood and elevate the perception of the local laundromat as a positive place to be. LaundryCares laundry owners provide programs to help the community including the following:

Free Laundry Days

Free Laundry & Literacy Days

Family Read Play and Learn Ribbon Cutting

Family Read, Play & Learn Spaces

Free Laundry Day for Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Assistance

Help Us Reach Our Goal

We have a goal to reach 6000 participating locations by June 2021, and we need your help to get there. Let your laundromat location(s) be found in a positive light by demonstrating that your location is part of a group of businesses that care deeply for the communities they serve.

Why You Should Join

We’re looking for laundry locations which can be called upon as potential sources of help to their local communities. Become a beacon of hope and help to your current and potential patrons.

  1. Elevate the way laundromats are viewed: the LaundryCares Foundation and the CLA strive to help laundry owners to make their businesses stand out from the crowd and defeat the negative stigma often viewed by the general public.
  2. Do well by doing good: social corporate responsibility not only helps the public who are doing business at your location – it helps to move your business in an upward direction. Truly, it’s a win-win situation!
  3. Expand literacy and learning: help the youth of our nation to improve their potential for greatness by making the local laundromat a place of learning.
  4. Get noticed, stay remembered: your business will be listed in a directory which will be available on a map to the public. Moreover, we will refer your location to potential referral sources such as libraries, schools, and literacy organizations who will send more traffic in your direction.
  5. It just feels great to belong: Be among other like-minded peers. Share best practices, learn from each other, and stay in-the-know with other CLA members and LaundryCares Network members.

As a laundry business owner, we encourage you to take just a few minutes to complete the form on this page, add your store(s), and be part of the movement! What are you waiting for, let’s get started!

Join the LaundryCares Network

Fill the form below to begin your journey toward being a member of the LaundryCares Network.

From Our Leadership Team

Joining the LaundryCares Foundation Network is the perfect way for laundromat owners to let their communities know that they care. Our goal is to create the biggest database possible of laundromats who self-identify as community-friendly.  While those joining the network are not obligating themselves to any specific project or outreach, we will be able to share local opportunities to support the LaundryCares mission with those network members in the area.  Let’s blanket the country with laundromats standing ready to help!

Jeff Gardner

President, LaundryCares Foundation

LaundryCares’ mission includes three pillars: hosting Free Laundry Days, installing Family Read Play Centers and responding to natural disasters. All three of these components rely upon identifying local laundromats willing to step up to the plate.  We hear from local organizations every week including charitable foundations, school districts, libraries, civic groups and many others – all looking to connect with local laundromats as the preferred channel for reaching those in need.  Our network has the potential to become the go-to resource for hundreds of organizations while putting you in the perfect position to promote your laundromat’s connection to your community.

Dan Naumann

Executive Vice-President, LaundryCares Foundation