The LaundryCares Foundation beat its goal by adding more than 650 laundromat locations to the LaundryCares Network. The initiative launched in early 2020 and has already surpassed expectations thanks to support from hundreds of laundromat professionals willing to join the ranks of those committed to giving back to the neighborhoods they serve.

“Joining the LaundryCares Foundation Network is the perfect way for laundromat owners to let their communities know that they care,” shared Jeff Gardner, President of LaundryCares Foundation. “Our goal is to create the biggest database possible of laundromats who self-identify as community-friendly. While those joining the network are not obligating themselves to any specific project or outreach, we will be able to share local opportunities to support the LaundryCares mission with those network members in the area. Let’s blanket the country with laundromats standing ready to help!”

Registrants will receive a decal for their store window and will be placed on the LaundryCares Network directory, an interactive online map which will identify those locations as members of the network.

The LaundryCares Foundation has set several benchmarks for success including plans to welcome more than 2000 locations by November 30, 2020 and more than 6000 locations by June 30, 20201.

“LaundryCares’ mission includes three pillars: hosting Free Laundry Days, installing Family Read Play Centers and responding to natural disasters,” said Jim Whitmore, Vice-President of LaundryCares Foundation. “All three of these components rely upon identifying local laundromats willing to step up to the plate. We hear from local organizations every week including charitable foundations, school districts, libraries, civic groups and many others – all looking to connect with local laundromats as the preferred channel for reaching those in need. Our network has the potential to become the go-to resource for hundreds of organizations while putting you in the perfect position to promote your laundromat’s connection to your community.”

Laundromat owners are encouraged to click the button below to learn more about the LaundryCares Network and to register.

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