The 2020 LaundryCares Literacy Summit took place in Sep. 15, 17, and 22, 2020 as a virtual event bringing hundreds of early childhood development experts, literacy advocates, and laundry business owners together. Participants at the 2020 LaundryCares Literacy Summit were encouraged to create an action plan and commit to execution of that plan on a specific timetable. 

Jim Whitmore, incoming Chairperson of the LaundryCares Foundation and a store owner in Massachusetts, made the commitment (on behalf of his Sunshine Express Laundry Center – aka Point Laundry Inc) to provide 50 families each month for 12 months with:

  • $50 of free wash
  • a children’s book, and
  • an explanation in English and Spanish of the initiative.

November 2020 marked the first distribution of activated cards for the free wash, and, thanks to a generous grant from Scholastic Publishing, books will be distributed with wash cards starting December 1st.

This year-long commitment is not the first time that Jim and his store have supported families in their struggle with basic needs such as food, shelter, clean clothes and bedding, and schooling/care for their children. During the prior eighteen months, in response to the LaundryLove national initiative, the Sunshine Express Laundry Center partnered with nearby St. Peter’s Church (Pastor Nathan Ives) to provide to free washes for the homeless and other underserved residents of Salem Massachusetts.

How empowering that Jim and his store have upped their game and are currently manifesting a commitment-in-action that is being fulfilled monthly for an entire year!

If you are a laundry owner and wish to make an impact in your community, please join the LaundryCares Network at no cost. Click the link below to get started and get your store added to the growing roster of participating locations.

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Your support is needed to help LaundryCares continue our mission and achieve our goals to:

  • bring literacy and early childhood development resources to families through everyday spaces such as the local laundromat
  • provide access to free laundry services to people in need
  • connect people affected by disasters to find places where they can wash their clothes and linens.

Please make a tax-deductible donation to the LaundryCares Foundation by clicking the link below.

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