Owner of The Wash House Laundromat in Fayetteville, NC wrote the following story recapping the events of a Free Laundry Day hosted on Wednesday, September 26, 2018:

As residents and especially laundry owners near the coast of North Carolina you always fear the hurricane season. With locations in place in flood zones with washer and dryer motors just a few inches off the ground you dread the news of a hurricane forming off the coast. As we know you can’t just uninstall a laundromat in a day and put it back after the storm like other businesses can do. We just have to prepare, wait and as we say in the south… Grin and bear it. This year was no different, and in mid-September of 2018 hurricane Florence was announced and said to be heading straight for the Carolina coast.
With the weather channel comparing the hurricane to past storms such as Fran, Hazel and Isabel of years past The Wash House Laundromats were bracing for impact. Fortunately, no flooding damage took place to any of The Wash House locations but much flooding as well as damage occurred to the communities in which The Wash House serves. We had several locations lose power for a couple days but overall we were very fortunate during this storm. In years past we have had several stores flood. It was hard to see and hear the stories of Wash House patrons being displaced and without power for many days and others who lost all they had. We had to do something.

Free Laundry Day at The Wash House Fayetteville, NC

With five more hours to go, over 10,000 lbs of laundry were cleaned during this Hurricane-Florence disaster-recovery Free Laundry Day.

So… A Laundry Cares event was put together in wake of hurricane Florence which rolled through the Carolinas in late September causing major flooding and damage. With people evacuating inland from the North Carolina coast, lineman from all over the United States coming to North Carolina and other first responders, and evacuees around, the demand for laundry service was higher than ever. With the help of CLA we put together a list of open laundromats in NC to get out to organizations including the American Red Cross to let them know where services were available. It was great to work together with other laundry owners with a common cause to help those in need of laundry services in this time of devastation. It was a time where CLA and the true value of its membership shined bright.
The Laundry Cares event took place on Wednesday, September 26th at The Wash House Laundromat in Fayetteville North Carolina. The laundry Cares Foundation and the Williford family, Owners of The Wash House Laundromats partnered to serve over 400 people, over 15,000 pounds of free laundry and over 700 slices of pizza! It was a day of love and service to the community. We had an amazing group of volunteers including many CLA members here in North Carolina and across the country. Laundry Cares board member Brian Grell flew down to join us for this event and brought with him the passion for others that the laundry cares foundation is truly about. The customers were very appreciative for this day. We saw hugs and high fives all day long as the volunteers seemed to get as much out of the experience as the customers. It was an awesome event put together in just a few days. Thank you to the Laundry Cares Foundation for all you are doing to put on these events. Special thanks to Tom Rhodes & Florida CLA who made a Hurricane Florence donation to the laundry cares foundation for this event. Laundry owners I highly recommend you to plan a laundry cares event in your laundromat. It is a blessing to the community and your generosity is not soon forgotten. Thank you to all involved who made this event a reality.

God Bless You and God Bless America,

Luke Williford
The Wash House Laundromats

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Additionally, with the help of Luke and other like-minded laundromat owners, a list of open laundromat locations is posted on the LaundryCares website at: https://laundrycares.org/resources/fl-ga-nc-and-sc-open-laundromats/

If you own a laundromat within FL, GA, NC or SC, please let us know by visiting: https://laundrycares.org/hurricane-florence-location-report/

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