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Find Learning Opportunities for Families While They Do the Wash

The LaundryCares Foundation, a member of the Laundry Literacy Coalition, has taken the mission to promote early childhood education and ongoing learning for children through everyday spaces. What better and more frequented space could there be than the neighborhood laundromat.

Across the nation, laundry owners are adding Family Read, Play & Learn Spaces to their stores. These spaces are perfect for young minds to pursue reading and learning. They offer a comfortable and quiet space where children and families can find a good book and settle in for growing their minds.

Locate stores across the nation in our growing list of laundries whose owners are making a positive impact in their communities with offering literacy resources for children and families plus community outreach efforts.

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Laundromat Locator Map


We have a laundromat around the corner of our house, and we travel six blocks just to get to this particular one because of the space.


I love the literacy area and really appreciate the librarians’ patience and love. I think there are few places like this in our community. I grew up here and I think the literacy corner is very important for this community. We come here every other week, and now he has something to do. He asks me, “Mommy, can we go play at the laundromat?”


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Explore the various Read, Play & Learn Space kits we have available which are tailor made to fit any size store.


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