The LaundryCares Foundation and the owners of the Bubbles aRe Us Laundries, Alaa and Amy El-Banna, are hosting a Free Laundry Day event in Elizabeth, NJ. The event will take place on Columbus Day, October 8, 2018 from noon until 5 p.m. ET. Because of the population density of the area, this is expected to be among the largest of the Free Laundry Days to date. Therefore, it will be hosted at three of the Bubbles aRe Us locations:

  • Super Bubbles aRe Us, 640 3rd Ave, Elizabeth, NJ – The Main Event
  • Bubbles aRe Us, 333 Rahway Ave, Elizabeth, NJ
  • Bubbles aRe Us, 31 Westfield Ave, Elizabeth, NJ.

Guests can bring an unlimited amount of laundry to the event and will receive free laundry products to help clean their clothes. Guests will also be served food and drink. Part of the mission of the LaundryCares Foundation is to make the local laundromat a center for early childhood development and children’s education. While the guests do their laundry, children will be safely occupied and entertained with several supervised activities including music, reading, coloring, face painting and more. “The Bubbles aRe Us laundries are excellent host locations for such a meaningful, and charitable event.  The owners have big hearts, and the way they run their business serves to improve the perception of laundromats by developing large, beautifully appointed stores that offer learning engagement resources for their patrons’ families,” said Brian Wallace, Executive Director of LaundryCares Foundation.

Get Involved

With such a large event, as you can imagine, help is needed to make this a success for the Elizabeth, NJ area. Volunteers can perform different tasks such as checking in participants, attending to the guests and helping them with their wash, assisting with food service and cleaning, etc. To become a volunteer, visit or click the link below, and use the form to register. We are asking for a $25 donation to defray the costs of the event.

Click to Volunteer for this Event

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