Give Back Through Volunteering

Our events and programs are concerted efforts by the LaundryCares Foundation, our volunteers, our partners, our sponsors, and our hosting businesses. Volunteering for serving others is not only a rewarding experience for yourself, but it serves to foster strong communities which is a chief component to our organization’s mission. By giving some of your time and energy, you are helping many people to experience the benefits of the services we offer at laundromats across the country.

We can always use more help, and your talents are in demand. Just some of the responsibilities of our volunteers include:

  • Fund Raising
  • Event Management
  • Getting the Word Out / Expanding Our Reach
  • Working at an Event

How to Volunteer

If you wish to volunteer at one of our upcoming events, or if you wish to offer your time for our ongoing operations, please fill the form on this page, and a representative will contact you shortly.

Volunteer Today

To volunteer, simply fill the form below.