Executive Vice-President of the LaundryCares Foundation Dan Naumann visited the corporate offices of  Alliance Laundry Systems in Ripon, WI to present an award to Alliance’s President Mike Schoeb. The LaundryCares Foundation awarded Alliance with a plaque recognizing the laundry equipment manufacturer as a Signature Sponsor of the Laundry Cares Foundation.

Alliance Laundry Systems has made contributions throughout the years to support the mission of the LaundryCares Foundation. Being a Signature Sponsor, their financial contribution in part with that of other corporate sponsors has helped perform the various initiatives conducted throughout the past year. These initiatives include the support of our several Free Laundry Day events, the launch of many Family Read, Play, and Learn spaces in laundromats, of which the company has one installed in its own corporate offices. Their continued support has also helped expanded outreach to communities, and the trend of making the vended-laundry business a place of learning and engagement.


How You Can Get Involved

Financial contributions from our corporate sponsors and from people like you help the LaundryCares Foundation to advance its mission to provide laundry services to underserved communities, provide literacy and educational materials for early childhood development through laundromats, and support disaster relief efforts in devastated areas by helping laundry owners to find and serve those in need. Click the button below to make a donation today.

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Laundry Literacy Spaces

If you are a store owner, you can join the movement to provide literacy spaces in laundromats by purchasing a Family Read, Play & Learn Space kit in one of four size options to fit any laundry business. These packages include sturdy school-grade furniture and equipment, a subscription to books to replenish the supply, and help to promote your laundry as a participant in the program. Click the button below to shop for the kits available.

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