LaundryCares Literacy Summit 2020 Resources

Summit 2020 Session Guide

For attendees of the LaundryCares Literacy Summit 2020, here are some downloadable resources:

Please click on the links above to access these documents.

LaundryCares Tools


Once you are a member of our volunteer network, you will have access to a variety of tools and resources. To help our volunteers and hosting locations, we offer free downloadable tools for your use. Among these are the LaundryCares Foundation Free Laundry Day Playbook which outlines best practices for hosting a Free Laundry Day event. There will be other downloadable resources as well including checklists, forms, and other tools for events and ongoing programs.

Wash Time Is Talk Time

Make a difference in lives of our little ones. Join the LaundryCares Network and have access to print “Wash is Talk Time” posters and coloring sheets. Too Small to Fail has created a toolkit of materials for laundry owner’s to print for use in their stores and to make available to parents. These materials are available for free at various laundromats around the country. They can be yours immediately by joining our network of participating laundries for free.

Donate to Help Our Mission


Your tax-deductible donation to our 501(c)3 charitable organization helps to serve thousands each year.

Host a Free Laundry Day Event

Join the Network

We partner with laundry owners who align with our mission to host events in communities everywhere.

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