This February, HappyNest is joining hands with the LaundryCares Foundation to highlight our mission of promoting literacy and family wellbeing in underserved communities. HappyNest has locations throughout the United States which provide laundry pickup and delivery services. This February, the company has agreed to donate a percentage of the revenue from every pickup to the Laundry Cares Foundation.

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Relationships with organizations like HappyNest, participating laundromats within the LaundryCares Network, Too Small to Fail, Scholastic, Lakeshore Learning, and our other sponsors and community members allow us to create and foster environments where literacy-rich opportunities become a reality for at-risk families. Though the pandemic has brought on new challenges to our in-store programming, the LaundryCares team continues to adapt, and we work with local laundromats, libraries, and community institutions to ensure there are adequate literacy opportunities. This Valentine’s month we’re asking you to share the love.

Spread the Love: Give Books to Kids

There are lots of ways to give ‘loads of love’ on Valentine’s Day; sharing the gift of a new book with a young child is one important way. Research shows that book ownership and reading aloud with young children are some of the most critical ways to help little ones get ready to read. The LaundryCares Foundation, in partnership with the Too Small To Fail Initiative, installs early literacy spaces called Family Read, Play, Learn Centers into laundromats and other everyday places across the country. With this program, monthly shipments of beautiful new children’s books arrive at participating locations to replenish the supply each laundromat shares with their communities each month. This provides critical access to early learning materials that help little ones get ready to read themselves.

Access is important for families, and at LaundryCares we believe that the laundromat is a great place to provide access to books for kids. Plus, the average two-hour stay in a laundromat is a great time to devote to family time and reading! So this year, share your love of reading when you donate to LaundryCares Foundation. A gift of $25 — the price of a box of chocolates — will allow us to purchase and distribute 8 beautiful, new books for children living in poverty.

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