Multi-store laundromat owner Dan Marrazzo and his family have been helping the community’s homeless people around their laundry businesses in a variety of ways. In addition to opening the store each week to allow the local homeless people around the Philadelphia area access to clean clothes by providing free laundry services, Dan’s family and laundromat team also work with a local organization dedicated to aiding those in need. If someone is admitted to the local shelter, Dan’s team receives an email notification. That person who checked in will be provided a free wash card.  The Marrazzo family launder linens regularly for this organization which provides shelter to many people who would otherwise be exposed to the elements in freezing temperatures.

Dan also provides a holiday meal every year to help feed the hungry homeless citizens of the area and to provide them a place where they can go to feel welcomed and safe for the holiday season for a while. Since 2013, Dan’s family and a group of volunteers have been providing this dinner utilizing a 6000 square-foot office/warehouse facility. Dan wrote an article detailing this event in a PlanetLaundry Magazine article, “Wanna Do Something Different for Christmas?”

Watch the Video

Check out this video of Dan explaining just some of what he, his family, his team, and this local homeless shelter are doing:

It’s folks like Dan who are raising awareness of the importance of the local laundromat as a caring community business. Laundry owners like him and the members of the growing LaundryCares Network are not only providing much-needed services throughout the nation to communities which are underserved, but they are, in the process, improving the perception of the local laundry center. There are many big-hearted laundry owners out there like Dan Marrazzo making a difference each day.

Whether you are a laundromat owner or a caring member of your local community, you can make a difference by doing good work via the local laundromat. The LaundryCares Foundation has been growing a network of self-service laundry businesses which provide Free Laundry Days and childhood literacy resources to residents within their local area. Learn more about how you can get involved to help.